Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should We Get Married or Not

Have you met someone and been dating a while? Are you living together? Do you really like this person, and yet have hesitation? Choosing a marital partner for life can be stressful. In a world where 50% of first marriages and and 60% of second marriages end, it can be discouraging to even consider marriage.

Many times the lack of awareness about what stage of relationship you're in keeps you from functioning in a way that matches that stage. As a result assumptions are made only to be met with disappointment and discouragement. How do you know where you are?

If you've moved past the recreational stage of dating, and you've found someone you want to know better, it's the time to be able to experience each other in a variety of settings. It's a time to find about about values, requirements, and needs that each person has.

The mistake many make is assuming a committed relationship exists when it isn't really a committed relationship. Most are in a Pre-Committed relationship and still learning about themselves and the other person in order to move to the commitment stage if all is right.

Relationship Coaching Institute has a tool for determining what stage you are in and a program for couples to go through, so they know what to be looking for in each other. As a Relationship Coach, I find that the coaching program brings more clarity and understanding to each person, so they feel confident about the choice at the end.

If you would like to take this questionnaire, contact me and we'll go through it together and create a plan for you to be more certain about the direction to take.

You can find me through Take a look around the site and see if you would be interested in knowing more. Contact information is there.

I welcome the opportunity to move you from uncertainty to clarity.

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